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Need More Space In Your Small Room? Consider Building One Of These Built-In Dressers

Need More Space In Your Small Room? Consider Building One Of These Built-In Dressers

I bet you’d agree that dressers are wonderful. They give us places to hide away our clothing, valuables, and other random things our house guests don’t need to see. However, there is one challenge dressers often pose for us. They’re blocky and take up space.

In a world where space efficiency is quickly becoming the thing to do, wouldn’t it be great to know how to have your space and dresser too? Turns out, if you have second floor rooms and a slanted roof that gives you negative wall space, there is a way to build your dresser into your wall. It is a pretty simple process that gives you all the benefits of drawers, as well as adds move to walk around in your room.

Sarah Schneider shared how one such dresser was placed into her upstairs, master bedroom.

The first step was cutting out the wall space. There was no insulation, so they corrected that, and put down some plywood flooring.

The dresser box was built from cedar to deter bugs from getting snuggly with their underwear collection.

After setting the drawer box in and adding 4 coats of paint, they had a new piece of storage furniture that you hardly notice until you want to.

Here’s another example of such a dresser, and a DIY guide for building it.

Heck, you can even line an entire wall with drawers if you need them! Here’s the DIY guide for this one.

It’s definitely one way to maximize use of your attic, for the sake of your room.



Kendyl Phillips

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