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21 Satisfying Ways To Step Up Your Stair Game

21 Satisfying Ways To Step Up Your Stair Game

With the myriad of home improvement shows on HGTV, and mavens of DIY decorating out there like Martha Stewart, home decorating and home improvement have become a serious business. And with any serious business, creativity and competition usually run hot. Especially when it comes to decorations for stairs. Once you see the ideas listed below, you’ll be able to take your stairs to a whole new, stylish level.

1. Wall Paper
Risers on your staircase can turn a blank canvas into an eye-catching focal point if you take some wall paper, various designs, and decorate each step individually.

2. Painted Stripes
Painted stripes can immediately brighten the mood of your staircase while adding nice visual breaks to the planes of the steps.

3. The Mighty Chevron
Like Houndstooth and other classic design patterns, chevrons cut nicely, giving a steady geometric feel, and allowing a bit of departure from straight edges seen so often. With some stencils you easily can add some extra flare to your stairs.

4. Books
For the serious bibliophile in your family, turning your stairs into a walkable library might create the perfect fantasy for them!

5. Washi Taped
No, not a dish from the local Hibachi Grill. This pattern lends an almost industrial feel to your stairs by contrasting bright patterns and vertical lines against a solid color and horizontal steps. Watch the video tutorial below.

6. Nautical Rope Bannister
With a few well-placed door knockers and knowing how to tie a sheepshank knot, you can add a swarthy sea-going feel to your staircase!

7. Staircase decals
From loving sayings about family to telling your kids not to stomp up the steps, you can choose what to write your loved ones as they ascend to the second floor.

8. LED Lit
To give your stairs a more contemporary, or even futuristic feeling (as well as a nice safety feature at night) add some LED lighting along the base and edges. Read more about it by clicking on the link below.

9. Under Bike Rack
Storage space is king in most homes. Adding a bike rack under your staircase will not only save space, but eliminate the need to run your bike upstairs after a long ride.

10. Piano Keys
For the musically-minded, turning your staircase into a toe-tapping Gershwin might just be the extra key to happiness your home needs!

11. Wooden Pallets
Great for a loft or a garage, wooden shipping pallets work great for a makeshift staircase.

12. Lego Railing
Railings made of Legos, great, if you have the time and money (and more time) to invest it will definitely be a key focal-point in your home. Only tip, don’t make the stairs out of Legos. God knows how painful that would be every day. View more photos here at the link.

20,000 Lego Bricks Shaping A Manhattan Apartment’s Staircase

13. Rainbow
Want to add some extra cheer to your home? Paint each riser a color of the rainbow!

14. Ombre Bannister
This multi-coloured railing against a white background will add a contemporary style to your staircase.

15. Carpet Collage
By sewing rugs together and fitting them to the stairs you’ll save yourself from cold feet in the mornings and add a unique touch to your home.

16. Numbered Steps
Not only will this turn your stairs into a new talking point of your home, it can also be a fun way to teach your little ones to count!

17. Chalkboard
Chalkboard walls have been popular amongst parents in their children’s rooms for a while now. Another idea is to turn each riser into an unlimited canvas for you and your little one to play with.

18. Mirrored Steps
When every night needs to be a disco night in your home, mirrored steps are the best way to get down…and up.

19. Balloons
A decorative way for you to pop upstairs…

20. Knitting
If you have the time and enough patience for such a passion project, these stairs will dazzle your friends and anyone that spends any length of time at the Yarn Barn.

21. Vintage
With some creative staining and various (non-obstructing) tchotchkes, you can take your stairs back in time and give them a sweet vintage look!


Kendyl Phillips

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