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Your Closet Is NOT Too Small For Your Shoes… You’re Just Storing Them Wrong

Girls can never have enough shoes. Because let’s face it ladies, when it’s time to wear that leopard print dress, those tennis shoes just won’t work!

When fashion is your thing, variety is key! The only problem is that variety often means more shoes than your closet floor (and perhaps bedroom floor and hallway) can accommodate. If this sounds familiar, don’t worry. You can keep all of your fancy footwear. You just need better ways of storing them. Which is why I think you’ll love the clever storage methods below.

1. The “Heel Ladder” method is great if you prefer a large selection of leg enhancing pumps.

2. A cool idea is to turn crates into wall shelving for various shoe groupings.

3. Make your sandal storage more fashionable with some hanger modification.

4. Now there’s an interesting use for a towel rack.

5. If you like simple and user friendly, here’s an old school shoe cabinet.

6. Here’s a simple storage solution for the entry way.

7. You can cover shoe rack bars with colorful fabric to add to the aesthetic appeal.

8. Now here’s a pyramid scheme you can appreciate.

9. Who can forget about the matching handbags?

10. Shoe box storage is even better with photo identification on the front.

11. If you do boot hangers, protect the leather with soft clasps.

12. Here’s taking shoe hangers to the max. Why not mix it up with some shelving as well?

13. If you want to be a little more discreet, try out a shoe trunk.

14. Have a bunch of flat and sports shoes to handle? Get tubular with them.

15. Nothing combines simplicity with style like a well managed bookcase of shoes.

16. Finally, there’s the closet door shoe organizer.

Just make sure the bottom is secure so you don’t get smacked by shoes when you frantically open the closets in a rush to get dressed.



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